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  Every day looking forward to the “61” Children has finally come.
  Morning, 5:30 on my . My mother\'s face cream first serious个true face wash, and then red comb black comb Liangliang the braids, in a flower on the top bar.draw good makeup, I look at themselves in the mirror left-right look, feel really good, they turned to the school run. As if my joy will not walk, do not know how I went to school from home.
  Went to school, teaching see hanging in front of the building to celebrate “61” Children of the huge banner, banners below are to allow us to display the broad stage of talent. We will be here to celebrate “61” International Children\'s Day.
  Renqing “61” event at the thunderous applause began. First, school leaders give excellent Shaoxian squadron and outstanding young pioneers, “ten juvenile Flower”, “to help learn flower” were presented with awards in recognition of advanced, next is our children\'s talent show, performances.
  The first one-year program are the children as “61” se癫痫病治疗费用大概是多少ction of the clapping song rehearsal. Only a small lively Student beautiful, full of energy ahead. Liang opened their voice to sing hard, hard shot with open hands, small hands beat red. The second program is the sixth grade, Big Brothers and Big Sisters performing chorus. They lined up a huge team, bright open -like voice, singing, crying to celebrate “61.” At the time singing, laughter, applause, music passed fast. The play has been our fifth grade. We must use the joy of dance to celebrate “61.” Standing on the platform, I do not know how good my jump, but I saw the audience of teachers and classmates are looking at our laughter towards our applause. After the U.S. dance , Xu sweet for everyone classmates sang “Solar Rain” theme song, her sweet voice with their own resounding solo to celebrate “61.” Turn to instrumental performances, and we took to go blowing clarinet Units, tracks are “painting the Carpenter”, “cowboy”, “Spring has.” Dozens of students stood on stage together blowing, sound filled the campus, applause reverberated in the ca小儿癫痫到底要怎么治疗比较好mpus, smiling at his face in full bloom.
  How time flies! Unconsciously program finished performing, but our hearts are still immersed in the joy of holiday in a long time should not calm.
  Back home, turn on the TV I watch to celebrate “61” Highlights of the event. Original country, children all over the world with us as excited as joy, as happy, because today is the U.S. holiday, are “61” International Children ah!


  Long for ah long for, longed for annual 61 Children\'s Festivals eventually. 61 Children\'s Festivals are the red-letter day that the child likes most arrived one day that, what everybody dresses up is beautiful, wearing oneself new clothes and new trousers to come to the school. The school prepares the program of garden party for us, the blind feels tail of ball, picture, 2 people 3 sufficient etc. I played the blind to feel a ball, the teacher binds my eye, next, I go by to be patted with the hand all the time, oh, do not pat, but, the teacher also gives me a gift. I am much happier! Finally, the teacher calls us to return a class had sat to send a gift to give us in the room, we receive the laugh with the happy gift that the teacher sends. 61 Children\'s Festivals are how happy! I if only 61 Children\'s Festivals should open many play ag沧州癫痫哪家医院效果好ain.


  Children\'s Day
  The Children\'s Day this year is the most unforgettable one for me beacause I\'ll soon graduate.
  Even though it doesn\'t come yet,I believe it must be the most unforgettable.
  I will no loneger be a child once going to middle school
  What a unforgettable Children\'s Day!


Children\'s day is coming. I decided to do many things on that day.
  First of all. That day we will get up early, came to the school, because we now is a junior high school student, so the school won\'t for us as the primary that give us after 61, although just top junior high school of time, but a little habits, half year after will probably already accustomed to junior middle school life. 61 will be here soon, and now we are facing tests sports add try. Also is in the June 1 day, I hope we can take an examination of teenager years is a good grades.