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关于代沟的英语作文(一)   Parents say that children do not show them proper respect and obedience, while children complain that their parents not understand them. This phenomenon is often referred to as the generation gap. So, what is the cause for this difference is what?   Generation gap is a important reason is that young people have the opportunity to choose their own way of life. In more traditional societies, when children grow up, they will be living in the same area as their parents, marry, their parents know and agree, and continue the family occupation. In modern society, young people often have to walk a long distance for their education, out of the family at an early age, marry or live with their parents who have never seen, they choose career from their parents. In different social change, parents often hope that their children do better than them, looking for a better job and mak中医怎么治疗癫痫e more money, and do all things, they can't do it. Strong desire, however, usually, parents for their children, also shows that the causes of the differences between them. Usually, they found that they had little in common between.   Finally, the position in the speed of the changes in the modern society is the cause of the gap between another generation. In the traditional culture, the value of the elderly for their wisdom, but in modern society, a kind of knowledge in a lifetime may become obsolete overnight. The young and the old man into two completely different different skills and abilities. No doubt the separation of the world, the generation gap will continue to be a period of time in the future of our lives. The reason is rooted in the changes of our society, the rapid social change speed.   家长说,孩子不显示他们应有的尊重和服从,而孩子们抱怨说,他们的父母不理解他们。这种现象通常称为代沟。那么,什么是产生差距的原因是什么?   代沟的一个重要原因是,青年人有机治癫痫病晋中哪家医院好会选择自己的生活方式。在较为传统的社会,当孩子长大后,他们将住在同一地区作为他们的父母,结婚的人,他们的父母知道并同意,并继续对家庭的占领。在现代社会中,青年人往往要走很长的距离对他们的教育,走出家庭在早期年龄,结婚或他们的父母生活在一起的人从来没有见过,他们选择的职业从他们parents.In易不同社会的变化,家长们往往希望他们的孩子比他们做得更好:寻找更好的工作,使更多的钱,并尽一切的事情,他们无法做到。然而,通常的强烈愿望,父母为他们的子女,也表明了它们之间的分歧的原因。通常,他们发现,他们彼此之间共同之处很少。   最后,在这些变化的速度在现代社会中的地位是另一代人之间的差距的原因。在传统的文化,老年人的价值为自己的智慧,但在现代社会中,一种知识用一生可能一夜之间变得过时了。年轻的和年长的人划入两个完全不同的不同的技能和abilities.No怀疑分离的世界,代沟将会继续成为我们生活的一段时间内的未来。其原因是根植于我们社会的变化,在快速的社会变革速度。   关于代沟的英语作文(二)   The generation gap is unavoidable in almost every family, which brings about a number of conflicts in a family. In my opinion, to limit the bad effects of the generation gap, each family should use the following three methods:   大部分的家庭免不了存在代沟,代沟给一个家庭带来很多冲突。我认为,为了控制代沟的不良影响,每个家庭都应该尝试以下方法:   First of all, it is important that family members discuss openly about their pleasures or sadness in childhood in family gatherings. This activity does n小孩子不知不觉就抽搐、口吐白沫,并且两眼往上翻等,这是怎么了?ot only create a close relationship but also help build up understanding among all members. For instance, once children are aware that their grandparents and even their parents did not have a good upbringing during their hard childhood, they will stop complaining about the previous generations’ obsoleteness. In the meantime, once old people realize young people are nurtured in a new modern way, it is easy for them to be tolerant of young people’s new habits or hobbies.   首先,在家庭聚会的时候,家庭成员公开讨论自己的童年时期的快乐或悲伤是很重要的。这一活动不仅营造一种紧密的关系而且能够帮助建立家庭成员之间的相互理解。比如说,一旦孩子们意识到他们的爷爷奶奶甚至是爸爸妈妈在艰苦的童年时期没有很好的成长,他们就会停止抱怨上一代人的陈旧思想。同时,一旦老一辈人意识到年轻人是在一种新的现代方式下成长,他们就很容易接受年轻人的习惯和爱好。   Secondly, people of each generation should not develop a very high feeling about themselves. In order to do that, they should not think that they are the only right people in their family because each person has his or her own limitations常州治羊羔疯专科医院. Teenagers would realize that their parents have to struggle with pain to support them financially, and they would stop rebelling their strictness. Parents would realize that their children’s new style does no harm to their studies and stop imposing their own unsuitable standards on their children.   其次,每一代人都不应该高估自己。为此,他们不应该认为他们是家里唯一对的人,因为每个人都有自己的极限。青少年应该意识到,他们的父母必须与困苦斗争给他们提供经济上的支持,他们就会停止反抗父母的严厉。父母也应该意识到,孩子们的新风格不会影响学习,从而停止把自己不合适的吧标准强加在孩子身上。   Finally, the generation gap and its bad effects can be limited if all members cooperate to build up a close-knit family relationship and a harmonious atmosphere in which they are open and tolerant of each other. I strongly believe that each family, by doing that, can enjoy a cozy atmosphere with minimum interference by the generation gap.   最后,如果所有的成员合作起来去建立一个关系紧密的家庭关系以及能够坦诚和互相容忍融洽的氛围,代沟及其不良影响就可以得到限制。我坚信,通过这样做,每个家庭都能享有一个代沟干扰最小的舒适氛围。